100,000 Jobs Moving Forward

Vision Transform the business culture in Haiti to one of trust and collaboration for universal employment
Mission  Encourage, equip and connect job creators in Haiti for the purpose of increasing employment and eradicating poverty


REGISTER NOW for the 100K Jobs in Haiti NETWORKING EVENT FOR JOB CREATORS on September 18th, 2014 at the Hotel Montana. This event is for businesses and organizations in Haiti who are successful job creators and want to network with and learn from others (and for those who want to find out how to create jobs!)

Click HERE to register online. If you would like to present your work to the audience, you must register by September 10 with no translation. Message us for more information. This event will be in English.

marketplace revolution

Marketplace Revolution is a unique conference which brings together professionals, business people, international workers, university students, and church leaders from over 22 different countries—all passionate about partnering to end poverty.

Come be encouraged, equipped, and connected to a global network of Christian professionals following their call to business and their commission to be light to this world. This is an event of Partners Worldwide.  Click here to find out more.