100,000 Jobs Moving Forward

  • Sanon Etienne Sanon Etienne Sanon Etienne is block maker and Partners Worldwide trainer and business leader who lives in Pignon
  • Ramase Lajan Ramase Lajan Ramase Lajan is creating jobs and cleaning up the environment through its plastic recycling program
  • Brunel Louis Brunel Louis Brunel Louis trains a group of small business owners in Leogane.
  • Lab Farmatrix Lab Farmatrix Lab Farmatrix with owner Ralph Edmund on right, member of the Port-au-Prince affiliate
  • women making jewelry at 2nd Story in Jubilee women making jewelry at 2nd Story in Jubilee Women supporting their families by making jewelry with 2nd Story Goods in Jubilee


Vision  Create 100,000 new jobs in Haiti by January 12, 2020 (10 years after the earthquake)

Mission  The mission of 100,000 Jobs in Haiti is to build the capacity and capability of existing Haitian businesses, create new strategic businesses, encourage local purchasing from all Haitian businesses, and transform Haiti’s 40 largest cities.


The fourth 100,000 Jobs– Restore Haiti Conference on January 23rd, 2014 at the Karibe Hotel and Conference Center was a great success. 


The mission of the conference was, ”To bring together North American and Haitian business people to explore business opportunities and partnerships with the ultimate purpose of creating jobs in Haiti.”    Click here to read a terrific article from Le Nouvelliste written by Christina Jean-Louis of the Haitian Partners for Christian Development.    See pictures from the conference below.


            Restore Haiti panel             

            Maarten             Conference- Grand Ballroom